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Cannabis THC/CBD/HEMP Test Kit

A Perfect Place to buy home THC test kit

The CTK test is competent in identifying all existing cannabis residue, such as stems, leaves, and fruiting bodies, Cannabis extracts such as oils, plant extract, and resins, Cannabis extracts in consumables, including food products and confectionery. Also, the compounds including, but not restricted to, cannabichromene (CDC), cannabigerol (CBG), THC, and cannabidiol (CBD). Cannalytics Supply is a perfect online store if you are looking for a platform where you can buy home THC test kit to detect the cannabis components, in your own at home.

Our Kit Make Testing Effortless

· The Cannabis Test Kit is a single-use, easy to manage spot test.
· The home THC test kit presents a variety of cannabinoids separated on a thin layer chromatography (TLC) plate.
· Extracted samples are placed on the TLC plate, and the plates get developed with a test fluid, and the cannabinoids are separated as they rise on the plate.
· The entire testing process takes about 30 minutes.
Once you buy cannabis THC CBD test kit, you will be able to detect CBD and THC in any product that you purchase, in your home at your convenience.

Cannalytics Supply now offers 3 professional THC Test Kits at a reduced price. These components are easier to use and provide more exact measurements…

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