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(We’re working on a more formal Q&A page, so this is a rough draft.)

I have some sort of a plunger with a tractor dial that takes I believe solution up or down as needed from the long glass pipette. what solution?

This is pipette pump and glass pipette, which is used to measure  1ml and 2ml of test fluid used to extract and develop your  samples.

Here is a video..

When putting the testing fluid on the tlc plate i have an eye  dropper like thing is this the one that is used to get the exact  amount from the sample tube?

This is used to assist with taking your extracted solution from the  1.7 ml centrifuge tubes.  For some people, it makes it easier to  see that the fluid has been completely drawn up into the micro  cap.  Some other people do not use it and just hold the micro  cap between their fingers as shown in the video.

Is  the test fluid  the same as the development fluid ?

Yes a couple of years back Cannalytics combined the extraction  fluid and the developing fluid into one fluid, now called test fluid.

Is the dye  the one to be mixed and sprayed?

Yes, you put 2ml of water into the spray bottle and add one 20mg  scoop of dye powder..  and shake to mix.

Is the test fluid the same as the solvent and development fluid?

Yes..  see number 3

Are the capillary tubes the same as the reaction tubes?

No..  the capillary tubes are also called micro caps (looks like a  small clear needle)..  and the reaction tubes are also known as  1.7ml centrifuge tubes (looks like a small test tube, with an  attached cap)