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About Us

Cannalytics Supply provides an economical alternative to laboratory testing to monitor and improve cannabis growing, processing and dispensing. Our THC Test Kit is accurate, easy to use and provides high quality THC potency testing and profiling for cannabis products. Knowing the potency and cannabinoid content allows cannabis products and processes to be monitored and enhanced to provide a more consistent product to clients.

The Cannalytics Supply THC Test Kit relies on the studies of Dr. Ronald Glas of the Netherlands. Dr. Glas studied Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry at the Wageningen University and Research Center.

Cannalytics Supply has been preparing and shipping THC Test Kits for over nine years. We pride ourselves in providing the best equipment, step by step instructions and customer service in marijuana testing. Cannalytics Supply continually monitors new developments in marijuana testing in order to continue to provide you with the best product available. Our test kits are used by growers, dispensaries, co-ops and hobbyists.

    Why Choose Us

  • More Economical than Laboratory Testing
  • Unlimited Technical Support via Email
  • Most Reliable Marijuana THC Testing Product Sold at a Competitive Price
  • Orders Shipped Within 48 hours
  • Packaging to Ensure Breakage Occurrences Are Minimal

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