Cannalytics Supply
Cannalytics Supply


Cannalytics Supply’s THC/CBD potency test kit is accurate, easy to use and provides high quality for profiling cannabis products. Knowing the potency and cannabinoid content allows cannabis products and processes to be monitored and enhanced to provide a more consistent product to clients.

Cannalytics Supply continually monitors new developments in marijuana testing in order to continue to provide you with the best product available. Our THC Test Kits are used by growers, dispensaries and co-ops.



For Growers

Understanding the potency and cannabinoid content of your plants will provide you with the tools you need to make improvements in your product. You will be able to identify and grow a variety of strains based on your knowledge of cannabinoids and profiling.



For Dispensaries

Your clients look to you to be the expert. They need your advice about the options available to them and in selecting the strain that’s right for them. When clients know you are in control of your own cannabis testing, they will trust you and that trust will lead to more sales.



For Co-Ops

Regardless of whether you are growing for or purchasing for your members, being able to test your product will give you and your members greater confidence in the value you are providing. In addition to running your own testing, it will also bring you closer to the developing regulations in your state.


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